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UMET - Polymer systems engineering

Polymer systems engineering - PhD Thesis


Presently, there are 38 PhD candidates in the group. Since 2013, 57 PhD theses were defended.

Current PhD thesis
 StartPhD Advisors
1Missipssa BENATMANE2018Patrice WOISEL, Jonathan POTIER
Flame Redardancy of bioplastics
3Angeline PATUREL2018Sophie DUQUESNE, Mathilde CASETTA
5Aurélien VEBR2018Patrice WOISEL
Smart supramolecular hydrogels
6Manon SAGET2018Maude JIMENEZ
Design of biomimetic surfaces for food antifooling
7Guillaume BAI2018Etienne BRES, Maschke Ulrich
8Hussam ALDOORI2017Ulrich MASCHKE
9Ahmad HAMIEH2017Sophie BARRAU, Freddy Ponchel, Denis Remiens
10Malo DUFAY2017Maude JIMENEZ, Stéphanie DEGOUTIN
New Design of thin coatings for fire protection
12Florine NONQUE2017Patrice WOISEL, Jonathan POTIER
14Shanshan XU2017Valérie GAUCHER, Grégory STOCLET
15Cuong NGUYEN THAI2017Sophie BARRAU, Jean-Michel GLOAGUEN, Philippe Leclere
16Charlotte LEMESLE2017Maude JIMENEZ, Mathilde CASETTA
17Mourad ZEBIDA2017Ulrich MASCHKE
Synthèse de quelques dérivés thiazoliques et leurs utilisations en tant qu'inibateurs de la corrosion d'acier XC38 en milieu acide (doctorant invité)
18Jonathan ALMIRON2016Sophie DUQUESNE
19Roland ADANMENOU2016Serge BOURBIGOT, Fabienne SAMYN
Smart measurements at the reduced scale mimicking fire scenarios
20Dyhia KERSANI2016Bernard MARTEL, Stéphanie DEGOUTIN
Design and synthesis of conceptualized flame retardants
22Maroua LOUATI2016Sophie BARRAU, Stéphane Aloïse
Multi-scale study of photoactive thin films based on the supramolecular assembly of photochromic molecular switches and polymer
23Nouh ZEGGAÏ2016Ulrich MASCHKE
24Kheira CHINOUNE2016Ulrich MASCHKE
25Chems Eddine GHERDAOUI2016Ulrich MASCHKE
26Sophie KLAIMY2016Sophie DUQUESNE, Mathilde CASETTA, Lamonier Jean François
27Elodie LOUISY2016Gaëlle FONTAINE, Fanny BONNET, Fabienne SAMYN
28Nadi Imane 2016Fouad Bentiss
30Tatenda NYAZIKA2016Serge BOURBIGOT, Fabienne SAMYN
Conceptualization of a fire barrier : fundamentals and experimental approach
31Marie DUBAA2015Patrice WOISEL, Fournier David
32Chi HU2015Gaëlle FONTAINE, Serge BOURBIGOT
33Imen BEN CHRAIT2015Patrice WOISEL
34Lieselot DE SMET2015Patrice WOISEL
35Syrine DIMASSI2015Bernard MARTEL
36Sawsen ZOUAGHI2015Maude JIMENEZ, Christophe ANDRE
37Maryem Esbayou2014Charafeddine JAMA, Bentiss Fouad
38Tourabi Mostafa 2014Fouad Bentiss
Defended PhD thesis
 EndPhD Advisors
1Malika SOUADA2018Ulrich MASCHKE
Récupération et retraitement des composants de certains Déchets des Equipements Electriques et Electroniques (DEEE)
2Nittaya Hansupo2018Serge BOURBIGOT, Fabienne SAMYN
Fundamental aspects of intumescent systems for fire protection of steel structures
3Adélina David2017Valérie GAUCHER, Denis Lourdin, Grégory STOCLET, Nicolas Descamps
Study of starch derivatives : structure-thermomechanical properties relationships (full card)
4Laurie Mbotchak2017Sophie DUQUESNE, Belva Frédéric
5Audrey Vanmarcke2017Valérie GAUCHER, Sophie DUQUESNE, Grégory STOCLET, S. Marcille
Relationships between processing, morphology and mechanical behaviour of starch based blends and (nano)composites (full card)
6Simon KHELISSA2017Charafeddine JAMA, Chihib Nour-Eddine
Characterization of physiological properties associated with biofilm-detached cells and study of interactions between bacteria and materials: case of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa (full card)
7Kahina BENTALEB2017Ulrich MASCHKE
8Ahcène Ait-Amer2017Ulrich MASCHKE, ILIKTI I.
9Agnès Beaugendre2017Maude JIMENEZ, Mathilde CASETTA
Self-stratifying flame retardant coatings for plastics (full card)
11Abdelkader BENDERRAG2017Ulrich MASCHKE
12Safa Ouerghemmi2016Bernard MARTEL, Stéphanie DEGOUTIN
Electrospinning of antibacterial and anti-thrombotic chitosan based nanofibrous web (full card)
13Nérimel Laggoune2016Patrice WOISEL
(Multi)stimulable macromolecular assemblies based from pillar[n]arene (full card)
14Mohammed Bouchakour2016Ulrich MASCHKE, RIAHI F.
15Nicolas Lesaffre2016Maude JIMENEZ, Gaëlle FONTAINE
Ageing of flame retarded polylactic acid (full card)
16Khaled Belal2016Patrice WOISEL
Multi Stimuli Responsive Aqueous Polymer Assemblies (full card)
17Benjamin Prieur2016Serge BOURBIGOT, Gaëlle FONTAINE
Modified lignin as flame retardant for polymeric materials (full card)
18Rakibul Islam2016Carole Gors
Electrical and thermal transport properties of polymer/carbonaceous nanostructured composites (full card)
19EL OMARI Khaled2016Charafeddine JAMA, Nour-Eddine CHIHIB
20Bertrand Girardin2016Serge BOURBIGOT, Sophie DUQUESNE
Numerical modelling and small scale testing of fire performances for halogen-free cables (full card)
21Saadia Ouchiar2016Grégory STOCLET, Jean-Michel GLOAGUEN, Cyrille Cabaret, Vincent Gloaguen
Structure-physical properties relationships of biocomposites based on biopolymer filled with clays: Influence of the nature and the content of the filler (full card)
22Abdelouahab Nadim2015Ulrich MASCHKE
23Pauline TRANCHARD2015Serge BOURBIGOT, Fabienne SAMYN
Modélisation du comportement d’un composite carbone/époxy soumis au feu (full card)
24Juliette Defebvin2015Sophie BARRAU, Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE
Study of the relationships between structure and properties of piezoelectric hybrid materials based on PVDF (full card)
25Thi Trang Phan2015Charafeddine JAMA
Elaboration and electrochemical characterization of hybrid sol-gel coatings on carbon steel for anticorrosion application (full card)
26Renaud Dupretz2015Sophie DUQUESNE
(full card)
27Jatupol Junthip2015Bernard MARTEL, Nicolas TABARY
Cyclodextrin polyelectrolytes multilayer coatings on textiles for the release of actives (full card)
28Camille Saffre2015Maryse Bacquet, Bernard MARTEL, Stéphanie DEGOUTIN
Eco-design of ion-exchange textiles functionalized with bio-sourced polymers to decontaminate metals in dredged sediments.
29BOUAMMALI Halima 2015Charafeddine JAMA, B.Hammouti
30LAHHIT Nabila 2015Charafeddine JAMA, B.Hammouti
31Hassan Hamze2015Michel TRAISNEL, Maude JIMENEZ
Metal oxides coatings on glass by cold atmospheric plasma (full card)
33Yassine Agguine2014Ulrich MASCHKE, Said Eddarir
Traitement radiatif des molécules polybromées toxiques dans des solvants organiques et dans des matrices polymères recycles.
34Lise Leroy2014Valérie GAUCHER, Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE
(full card)
35Gwenaëlle Michaux2014Sophie DUQUESNE, Mathilde CASETTA
Fire retardancy of Polyamide 6 for electrotechnical applications (full card)
36Fatima Semdani2014Ulrich MASCHKE, Lamia BEDJAOUI-ALACHAHER
Elaboration et caractérisation des matériaux à base de polymères et des cristaux liquides. Modélisation des diagrammes de phases (Thèse Univ. Teclem) (full card)
37Kadir Apaydin2014Serge BOURBIGOT, Maude JIMENEZ
Development, characterization and fire retardant mechanism of layer-by-layer and plasma coatings (full card)
38William Laure2014Patrice WOISEL, Fournier David
Dopamine : a powerful toolbox for the grafting of polymers onto titanium based materials : design of "smart" surfaces and metallic stents (full card)
39Julie Pepin2014Valérie GAUCHER, Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE
Relationship between polymorphism and mechanical response of semicrystalline polyamides: PA11 and PA6 (full card)
40Ghassan Alogaili2014Michel TRAISNEL, Maude JIMENEZ
Fundamental approach for fouling growth mechanisms comprehension at a stainless steel surface : development of antifouling coating for stainless steel (full card)
41Marianne Vandenbossche2014Michel TRAISNEL, Mathilde CASETTA
Functionalization of geotextiles by physical methods for heavy metal ions remediation (full card)
42Franck-Estimé Ngohang2014Serge BOURBIGOT, Gaëlle FONTAINE
Combination of mass loss cone, Fourier transforminfrared spectroscopy and electrical low pressure impactor to extend fire behaviour characterization of materials (full card)
43LOUEDJ N.2014Ulrich MASCHKE, Bekka A.
44Cécile Birck2014Maryse Bacquet, Valérie GAUCHER, Stéphanie DEGOUTIN
Design and characterization of polyvinyl alcohol-based antimicrobial films for food contact packaging (full card)
45Mathieu Coquelle2014Sophie DUQUESNE, Mathilde CASETTA
Flame retardancy of polyamide 6 fibers : the use of sulfamate salts (full card)
46Carmen Hoffendahl 2014Serge BOURBIGOT, Gaëlle FONTAINE
Flame retardancy of EVM-based polymers with low smoke emission (full card)
47Sofiane Bedjaoui2014Ulrich MASCHKE, BEDJAOUI L.
Etude des propriétés physico-chimiques des mélanges à base de polymères et de molécules mésogènes de faible masse molaire (Thèse Univ. Tlecmen, Algérie)
48Malika Elouali2013Ulrich MASCHKE, Boucif Abbar
Structure et propriétés des nanocomposites à base de polymères et de cristaux liquides.
49Yazid Derouiche 2013Ulrich MASCHKE, Lahcène Mechernene
Etude spectroscopique et électro-optique de matériaux polymères-cristaux liquides
50Christophe Beyens2013Ulrich MASCHKE
Development and characterization of innovative and ecological surface materials for security and comfort in automotive applications (full card)
51Jonathan POTIER2013Patrice WOISEL, Fournier David
New cyclodextrins-containing polytopic receptors for aqueous catalysis. (full card)
52Bastien Gardelle2013Serge BOURBIGOT, Sophie DUQUESNE
Development and resistance to fire of intumescent silicone based coating : fire protection of steel in simulated fire (full card)
53Adeline Martin2013Bernard MARTEL, Nicolas TABARY
Multilayered textile coating for drug delivery application (full card)
54Mohammed Makhloufia2013Ulrich MASCHKE, Benaissa T.
55Layla Karam2013Charafeddine JAMA, Pascal Dhulster, Nour-Eddine CHIHIB
Study of surface interactions between peptides, materials and bacteria for setting up antimicrobial surfaces and active food packaging (full card)
56Guy-Joël Fossi Tabieguia 2013Ulrich MASCHKE
Recycling, reuse, reutilization and regeneration of liquid crystals and indium tin oxide (ITO) from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) (full card)
57Léna Sambe2013Patrice WOISEL
Electrochemically tuneable plug and play polymers
58Aurélie Laquièvre2012Patrice WOISEL, Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE, Fournier David
Plasticity elementary mechanism of amorphous polymer systems: influence of the modification of the macromolecular structure by click chemistry (full card)
59Jérémy Louisy2012Sophie DUQUESNE, Serge BOURBIGOT
Synthesis of novel phosphinate salts and development of formulations for the flame retardancy of glass fiber reinforced PolyButylene Terephthalate (PBT) (full card)
60Maryska Muller2012Serge BOURBIGOT, Sophie DUQUESNE
Systemic approach of the synergism in flame retarded intumescent polyurethanes (full card)
61Ammar Elqidrea2012Ulrich MASCHKE
Effect of irradiation on the monomer-liquid crystal systems (full card)
62Guillaume Vermet2012Bernard MARTEL, Stéphanie DEGOUTIN
Contribution of new antibacterial and analgesic properties on a implant for parietal refection (full card)
63Imen Kacem2012Maude JIMENEZ, Bernard MARTEL, Roudesli Sadok
Textiles with biological activity via the grafting by cold plasma and the immobilization of bioactive molecules (full card)
64Zoulikha Khouba2012Ulrich MASCHKE, Tayeb Benabdallah
Synthesis and caracterization of pentadentate Schiff bases and their metal complexes. Study of their physicochemical properties in isotropic and anisotropic media (full card)
65Antoine Gallos2011Serge BOURBIGOT, Gaëlle FONTAINE
Flame retarded and stereocomplexed polylactides : reactive extrusion processing and characterization (full card)
66Cédric Zobrist2011Maude JIMENEZ, Patrice WOISEL
Building of tunable polymer brush on titanium surfaces for biological applications (full card)
67Caroline Gérard2011Serge BOURBIGOT, Gaëlle FONTAINE
Contribution of nanoparticles to the flame retardancy of epoxy resins (full card)
68Hélène Dhordain2011Bernard MARTEL
Functionalization of nowoven structure by cyclodextrin for the working-out of a biocidal textile filter (full card)
69BOUDRAA K.2010Ulrich MASCHKE, Bouchaour T.
70Jérémy Ciret2010Serge BOURBIGOT, Sophie DUQUESNE
Investigation of intumescent coatings for fire protection : application to jet-fire (full card)
71Labjar Najoua2010Charafeddine JAMA, EL HAJJAJI
72Oriane Cerin2010Serge BOURBIGOT, Sophie DUQUESNE
Procédés d’ignifugation d’élastomères
73Hélène Gallou2010René Delobel, Maude JIMENEZ, Charafeddine JAMA
Improvement of fire behavior of polyamide 6,6 by surface and mass treatment (full card)
74Fatima Zohra Elouali2009Ulrich MASCHKE, Driss Ainad Tabet
Preparation and characterization of acrylic and methacrylic polymer gels in the presence of isotropic and anisotropic solvents (full card)
75Mathilde Ferrand2009Michel TRAISNEL, U.Mascke, Charafeddine JAMA, Maude JIMENEZ
Improvement of colouring glass process : optimization of adhesion of epoxy resin on soda-lime glass (full card)
76Caroline Fréderix2009Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE, Roland Seguela
(full card)
77Grégory STOCLET2009Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE, Elkoun Said
Thermo-mechanical behaviour and structure characterization at various scale levels of a bio-based polymer : the poly(lactic acid) (full card)
78Fatima Bouaniss2009Michel TRAISNEL, Fouad Bentiss, Charafeddine JAMA
Study of corrosion properties of radiofrequency cold plasma nitrided carbon steel (full card)
79Christelle Réti2009René Delobel, Mathilde CASETTA
80Benaissa Djamila2009Ulrich MASCHKE, Mechernene Lahcène
Theoretical and experimental approach of the electro-optical behaviour of polymer/liquid crystal systems (full card)
81Louis Garnier2009Sophie DUQUESNE, Serge BOURBIGOT
procédés, caractérisation et modélisation d’alliage de polymères élastiques aptes au filage
82Tabary Nicolas2009Bernard MARTEL, Blanchemain Nicolas
Functionalisation of biodegradable cellulose supports for the prolonged release of antibacterial agents for periodontological applications (full card)
83Bensaid Hassiba 2009Ulrich MASCHKE
Study of photopolymerization and phase separation processes of systems containing polyacrylates and nematic liquid crystals (full card)
84Dali-Youcef Boumédiène 2009Ulrich MASCHKE, Bouchaour Tewfik
Characterization of various polymer networks in the presence of isotropic and anisotropic solvents (full card)
85Hadji Rachid2008Ulrich MASCHKE, Amina Negadi
Contribution on the studies of polymers networks containing liquid crystals (full card)
86Meziane Rachid2008Ulrich MASCHKE
Structure, dynamique and phases transition of a smectic liquid crystal in polymer system (full card)
87Fabrice Detrez2008Roland Seguela, Ghislaine Coulon
Etude multi-échelles des mécanismes de déformation plastique dans les polymères semi-cristallins
88Naima Sallem-Idrissi2008Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE, Valérie GAUCHER, Krawczak Patricia
Comportement mécanique et évolution structurale induite dans des films multicouches à base de polyamide6 et de polyéthylène 
89Peurton Frédéric2008Jean-Marc LEFEBVRE, Saïd Elkoun, Krawczak Patricia
90Depinoy F.2008René Delobel, Sophie DUQUESNE, Charafeddine JAMA
Elaboration d’elastomeres thermoplastiques ignifuges
91Aurore Vannier2008René Delobel, Sophie DUQUESNE, G. Camino
Procedes d’ignifugation du poly(ethylene terephtalate)-application textile Synergie entre OMPOSS et retardateur de flamme phosphoré
92Nicolas Renaut2008Michel TRAISNEL, Charafeddine JAMA, Sophie DUQUESNE
Contribution à l’etude des procedes d’ignifugation du polypropylene-modifications de surface du polypropylene induites par plasma
93Anne Ochsenbein2008Michel TRAISNEL, H.F.Hildebrand
Fonctionnalisation d’implants à base de titane pour applications endovasculaires et osseuses
94Virginie Boucher2008Serge BOURBIGOT, Sophie DUQUESNE
Polycarbonate nanocomposite : étude de la transparence pour applications automobile et lunetterie
95Damien Delaval2008Michel TRAISNEL, Serge BOURBIGOT
Elaboration et étude du comportement au feu de polypropylène recycle
96Marie Decarlie2008René Delobel
Etude de la dégradation thermique de matériaux pour le ferroviaire
97Laurent Thomas2008Hildebrand H.F., Bernard MARTEL
Bloodproofing, antiseptic treatment and dyeing of a vascular prosthesis finished with cyclodextrin (full card)
98Lepretre Stéphane2008Bernard MARTEL, Blanchemain Nicolas, Hildebrand H.F.
Functionalisation of porous hydroxyapatite for the sustained delivery of antibiotics (full card)
99Sébih Z.2007Serge BOURBIGOT, René Delobel
Compréhension des procédés d'ignifugation du polyamide-6 - Apport des nanocomposites aux systèmes retardateurs de flamme phosphorés
100Fabienne Samyn2007Serge BOURBIGOT, Charafeddine JAMA
101El Ghoul Yassine2007Bernard MARTEL, Roudesli Sadok
Textile finishing with cyclodextrins of PP and PA supports- Application to dyeing and as antibiotic controlled release biomaterial
102Willai Stéphanie2007Maryse Bacquet
103BEDJAOUI L.2006Ulrich MASCHKE, Benmouna M.
104Thomas Christophe2006Ghislaine Coulon, Ferreiro Vincent
Microscopie à Force Atomique in situ et nanomécanismes de plasticité dans les polymères semi-cristallins
105Lebrini M.2006Michel TRAISNEL, M. Lagrenée, Fouad Bentiss
Etude du comportement inhibiteur de corrosion de composés a base de thiadiazole.
Etude des mécanismes de protection et de réaction au feu dans les revêtements intumescents
107Benali O.2006L.Larabi, Michel TRAISNEL
Etude électrochimique et gravimétrique de l'inhibtion de la corrosion du cuivre et deux types acier par quelques composés organiques soufrés en milieux acides
108Benmoussat A.2006M.Hadjel, Michel TRAISNEL
Etude de l’endommagement des aciers de pipeline par corrosion et protection.
109Boschin François2006Bernard MARTEL, Hildebrand H.F., Delcourt-Debruyne E.
Membrane functionalization for tissular controlled regeneration by controlled release of chlorhexidine in parodontology
110Ducoroy Laurent2006Bernard MARTEL, Maryse Bacquet
Modification of texilte fibers for the preparation of ion exchange texiles-Application to metallic decontamination of waste waters
111Abdoune Fatima-Zohra2006Ulrich MASCHKE, Lahcène Mechernene
Dispersion of nano- and micron-sized liquid crystalline domains in polymer matrices (full card)
112Séverine BELLAYER2005Serge BOURBIGOT, X. Flambard
Elaboration de nouveaux polymeres a structure nanocomposite
113Belva F.2005Serge BOURBIGOT, M. Le Bras
ynthèse et caractérisation de matériaux hybrides polyuréthane/polydiméthylsiloxane – Compréhension de leur comportement au feu
114Nicolas Blanchemain2005Bernard MARTEL
Study of the biocompatibility and of the grafting reaction of cyclodextrins onto PET vascular prostheses for the realization of a drug release device
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