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UMET - Plasticity

Plasticity - PhD Thesis


Presently, there are 3 PhD candidates in the group. Since 2013, 4 PhD theses were defended.

Current PhD thesis
 StartPhD Advisors
1Billy Clitton Nzogang2015Alexandre Mussi, Patrick Cordier
Advanced characterization of mineral plasticity using transmission electron microscopy
2Srinivasan Mahendran2015Patrick Cordier, Philippe Carrez
3Riccardo Reali2014Patrick Cordier, Philippe Carrez
Numerical models of minerals flow in the lower mantle
Defended PhD thesis
 EndPhD Advisors
1Alexandra Goryaeva2016Patrick Cordier, Philippe Carrez
Modeling Defect and plasticity in MgSiO3 post-perovskite at the atomic scale (full card)
2Antoine Kraych2016Patrick Cordier, Philippe Carrez
The role of dislocations in bridgmanite deformation : an atomic scale study (full card)
3Sebastian Arthur Willem Ritterbex2016Patrick Cordier, Philippe Carrez
Modélisation de la plasticité dans la wadsleyite et la ringwoodite : sur la dynamique des dislocations dans la zone de transition du manteau terrestre (full card)
4Nils Garvik2016Patrick Cordier, Philippe Carrez
Multiscale model of plastic properties of Fe3C
5Jonathan Amodeo2011Philippe Carrez, Patrick Cordier
Multiscale model of plastic deformation of MgO single crystal : from the laboratory to the earth mantle (full card)
6Carole Nisr2011Sébastien Merkel, Patrick Cordier
In-situ characterization of dislocations in minerals under high pressure (full card)
7Arnaud Metsue2010David Mainprice, Patrick Cordier
Dislocation core structure in minerals of the Earth mantle: numerical modeling using the Peierls-Nabarro model (full card)
8Amine Hamoudi2009Patrick Cordier, Lahcen Khouchaf
Alkali silica reaction in the concrete : study of the compared structural degradation of SiO2 compounds (silica glass, quartz, flint) (full card)
9Elodie Amiguet2009Paul Raterron, Patrick Cordier
Experimental deformation of diopside in the pressure and temperature conditions of the upper mantle (full card)
10Julien Durinck2005Patrick Cordier
Modélisation de la plasticité de la forsterite par calculs à l’échelle atomique et par dynamique des dislocations
11Hélène Couvy (Craigg)2005Patrick Cordier, F. Langenhorst
Experimental deformation of forsterite, wadsleyite and ringwoodite : implications for seismic anisotropy of the Earth’s mantle
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