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Unité Matériaux et Transformations
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Thèses en cours

Thèses soutenues


  1. 2012 - H. Gallou, M. Jimenez, C. Jama, R. Delobel: Polyamide based fireproof article including a coating formed by plasma treatment.
    WO/2012/084955, société Rhodia
  2. 2011 - H. Gallou, M. Jimenez, S. Duquesne, C. Jama, R. Delobel, S. Bourbigot, X. Couillens: Fire retardant polyamide cast item including an intumescent coating .
    WO/2011/045426, par la société Rhodia

Derniers dépôts dans dans LillOA (Lille Open Archive)


  1. L. Geoffroy, A.-L. Davesne, F. Parent, F. Sanchette, F. Samyn, M. Jimenez, S. Bourbigot, Combining Low-Emissivity Thin Coating and 3D-Printed Original Designs for Superior Fire-Protective Performance, ACS Omega 5;43, 27857–27863 (2020), [doi: 10.1021/acsomega.0c02902, LillOA]
  2. L. Geoffroy, A.-L. Davesne, S. Bellayer, F. Blanchard, E. Richard, F. Solarski, M. Jimenez, S. Bourbigot, 3D printed sandwich materials filled with hydrogels for extremely low heat release rate, Polymer Degradation and Stability 179, 109269 (2020), [doi: 10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2020.109269, LillOA]
  3. S. Bellayer, M. Jimenez, S. Barrau, A. Marin, J. Sarazin, S. Bourbigot, Formulation of eco-friendly sol–gel coatings to flame-retard flexible polyurethane foam, Green materials 1-11 (2020), [doi: 10.1680/jgrma.19.00059, LillOA]
  4. L. Geoffroy, F. Samyn, M. Jimenez, S. Bourbigot, Bilayer Intumescent Paint Metal Laminates: A Novel Design for a High-Performance Fire Barrier, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 59;7, 2988-2997 (2020), [doi: 10.1021/acs.iecr.9b06345, LillOA]
  5. C. Lemesle, J. Frémiot, A. Beaugendre, M. Casetta, S. Bellayer, S. Duquesne, A.-S. Schuller, M. Jimenez, Life cycle assessment of multi-step versus one-step coating processes using oil or bio-based resins, Journal of Cleaner Production 242, 118527 (2020), [doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2019.118527, LillOA]
  6. T. Bensabath, J. Sarazin, M. Jimenez, F. Samyn, S. Bourbigot, Intumescent polypropylene: Interactions between physical and chemical expansion, Fire and Materials (2019), [doi: 10.1002/fam.2790, LillOA]
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  8. M. Yasir, F. Ahmad, P.S.M.M. Yusoff, S. Ullah, M. Jimenez, Latest trends for structural steel protection by using intumescent fire protective coatings: a review, Surface Engineering 1743-2944 (2019), [doi: 10.1080/02670844.2019.1636536, LillOA]
  9. A.-L. Davesne, S. Lazar, S. Bellayer, S. Qin, J.C. Grunlan, S. Bourbigot, M. Jimenez, Hexagonal Boron Nitride Platelet-Based Nanocoating for Fire Protection, Acs Applied Nano Materials 2;9, 5450-5459 (2019), [doi: 10.1021/acsanm.9b01055, LillOA]
  10. A. Beaugendre, C. Lemesle, S. Bellayer, S. Degoutin, S. Duquesne, M. Casetta, C. Pierlot, F. Jaime, T. Kim, M. Jimenez, Flame retardant and weathering resistant self-layering epoxy-silicone coatings for plastics, Progress in Organic Coatings 136, 105269 (2019), [doi: 10.1016/j.porgcoat.2019.105269, LillOA]
  11. S. Zouaghi, J. Frémiot, C. André, M.A. Grunlan, C. Gruescu, G. Delaplace, S. Duquesne, M. Jimenez, Investigating the Effect of an Antifouling Surface Modification on the Environmental Impact of a Pasteurization Process: An LCA Study, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7;10, 9133-9142 (2019), [doi: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.8b05835, LillOA]
  12. M. Yasir, F. Ahmad, P.S. Megat-Yusoff, S. Ullah, M. Jimenez, Quantifying the effects of basalt fibers on thermal degradation and fire performance of epoxy-based intumescent coating for fire protection of steel substrate, Progress in Organic Coatings 132, 148-158 (2019), [doi: 10.1016/j.porgcoat.2019.03.019, LillOA]
  13. T. Nyazika, M. Jimenez, F. Samyn, S. Bourbigot, Pyrolysis modeling, sensitivity analysis, and optimization techniques for combustible materials: A review, Journal of Fire Sciences 37;4-6, 377-433 (2019), [doi: 10.1177/0734904119852740, LillOA]
  14. L. Geoffroy, F. Samyn, M. Jimenez, S. Bourbigot, Additive manufacturing of fire‐retardant ethylene‐vinyl acetate, Polymers for Advanced Technologies (2019), [doi: 10.1002/pat.4620, LillOA]
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  21. S. Zouaghi, M. Abdallah, C. Andre, N.-E. Chihib, S. Bellayer, G. Delaplace, A. Celzard, M. Jimenez, Graphite-Based Composites for Whey Protein Fouling and Bacterial Adhesion Management, International Dairy Journal 86, 69-75 (2018), [doi: 10.1016/j.idairyj.2018.07.004, LillOA]

Liste complète (Le lien peut être lent)


  1. C. GRUESCU, S. Gillani, S. Duquesne, G. Delaplace, M. Jimenez, T. Benezech, Environmental Assessment and Ecodesign of Heat Exchangers in Dairy Industries, Poster, Heat Exchanger Fouling & cleaning conference XIII 2019, Jozefow, Pologne, Juin 2019 [LillOA]
  2. R. Adanmenou, F. Samyn, M. Jimenez, S. Duquesne, S. Bourbigot, Novel test bench for extreme fire scenario: Experimental and numerical modeling studies, Communication dans un congrès avec actes, Interflam 2019, London, Royaume-Uni, Juil 2019 [LillOA]
  3. R. Adanmenou, F. Samyn, M. Jimenez, S. Duquesne, J. Sarazin, S. Bourbigot, Fire Bench for Extreme fire scenario from Experimental to Simulation, Poster, ESIA (École des Sciences des Incendies et Applications), Obernai, France, Mai 2018 [LillOA]
  4. R. Adanmenou, F. Samyn, M. Jimenez, S. Duquesne, S. Bourbigot, How Small Scale Tests may be useful to predict Large Scale Behavior of Materials, Poster, JJC 2017 GEPROC-UGéPE, Douai, France, Nov 2017 [LillOA]
  5. A.-L. Davesne, S. Bourbigot, M. Jimenez, F. Samyn, Thin coatings for fire protection, Séminaire de recherche, French-German seminar, Flamièrge, France, Juin 2018 [LillOA]
  6. A.-L. Davesne, F. Sanchette, F. Samyn, M. Jimenez, S. Bourbigot, Radiative heat reflection using thin protected mirrors for passive fire protection of polymers, Poster, UGéPE 2019, Mons, Belgique, Nov 2019 [LillOA]
  7. M. Jimenez, C. Lemesle, J. Frémiot, A. Beaugendre, S. Duquesne, M. Casetta, Comparison between one step and multistep fire retardant coating processes by Life Cycle Assessment, Poster, [avniR] conference, Lille, France, Nov 2018 [LillOA]
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  9. C. Lemesle, A.-S. Schuller, M. Casetta, S. Duquesne, S. Bourbigot, M. Jimenez, Design of bio-based self-stratified coatings targeting flame retardant applications: a systematic approach, Communication dans un congrès sans actes, Coatings Science International, Noordwijk, Pays-Bas, Juin 2019 [LillOA]
  10. L. Geoffroy, M. Jimenez, S. Bourbigot, Playing with 3D printed designs to conceive highly flame retardant multi-materials, Communication dans un congrès sans actes, UGéPE 2019, Mons, France, Nov 2019 [LillOA]

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