RheoMan: a five-year, ERC-funded (Advanced Grant), project to model the rheology of the Earth's mantle

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Rheoman - From the atoms to the mantleFrom the atoms to the mantle...


 The European Research Council (ERC) was established by the European Commission and funded through the EU 7th Research Framework Programme




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Apr 18, 2017 - Welcome Jennifer General

Today, Jennifer M. Jackson (Caltech) arrives in Lille for a 3 weeks' visit with us

Welcome Jennifer !


Apr 10, 2017 - Plasticité 2017 General

For its first edition in Brittany, the colloque Plasticité will be held from 10th to 12th of april 2017 at INSA in Rennes.


Apr 5, 2017 - Sasha goes to Lyon General

Starting april 5th, Alexandra (Sasha) Goryaeva moved to Lyon (Laboratoire MATEIS) to work with C. Fusco, M. Bugnet and Jonathan Amodeo on modeling defective surfaces of metallic nanoparticles using MD simulations.

Good luck Sasha !


Mar 29, 2017 - Europe General

On this 29th of March 2017, it may be worth to remember that Europe is this unique initiative where people, turning away from centuries of battles, decided to work together to establish peace and stability on our continent.