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Jannick Ingrin
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Diffusion atomique dans les minéraux - Spéciation des OH

Thèses en cours

  • Huan Chen, Etude de l'origine des basaltes du craton Nord-Chinois. Thèse débutée en 2015. Co-directeur: XIA Qunke.

Thèses soutenues

  • Xiaoyan Gu, Signatures des interactions fluide--‐roche dans le manteau souscontinental (Massif Central Francais): Une approche H, Li, δ7Li, et éléments trace (thèse de l'université de Lorraine). Thèse soutenue en 2016. Co-directeurs: Etienne Deloule, Qunke Xia. Situation actuelle: Post-doctorat à l'Université de Zejiang, Hangzhou, Chine.
  • Peipei Zhang, Diffusion d’hydrogène dans les MNAs : grenat andradite et zircon. Thèse soutenue en 2015. Co-directeur: Qun-Ke Xia. Situation actuelle: Post-doc à l'Université Sciences et Techniques de Chine  au 1er Avril 2015.
  • Eric Vigouroux, Diffusivité de l'hydrogène dans la wadsleyite : estimation de la teneur en eau de la zone de transition du manteau terrestre. Thèse soutenue en 2014. Situation actuelle: Research fellow, Department of Earth Sciences, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailande.

Communications et séminaires récents

27 communication(s) orale(s), dont 4 invité(e)s. 11 communication(s) par affiche. Liste détaillée.

Publications récentes

  • 2017
    1. E. Balan, M. Blanchard, M. Lazzeri, J. Ingrin, Theoretical Raman spectrum and anharmonicity of tetrahedral OH defects in hydrous forsterite, European Journal of Mineralogy 29 201-212 (2017) [doi: 10.1127/ejm/2017/0029-2599]
    2. M. Blanchard, J. Ingrin, E. Balan, I. Kovács, A. C. Withers, Effect of iron and trivalent cations on OH defects in olivine, American Mineralogist 102 302-311 (2017) [doi: 10.2138/am-2017-5777]
    3. H. Chen, Q. K. Xia, J. Ingrin, E. Deloule, Y. Bi, Heterogeneous source components of intraplate basalts from NE China induced by the ongoing Pacific slab subduction, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 459 208-220 (2017) [doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2016.11.030]
  • 2016
    1. Z. Z. Tian, J. Liu, Q. K. Xia, J. Ingrin, Y. T. Hao, D. Christophe, Water concentration profiles in natural mantle orthopyroxenes: A geochronometer for long annealing of xenoliths within magma, Geology 45 87-90 (2016) [doi: 10.1130/G38620.1]
    2. C. J. Duran, A. M. Seydoux-guillaume, B. Bingen, S. Gouy, P. De parseval, J. Ingrin, D. Guillaume, Fluid-mediated alteration of (Y,REE,U,Th)–(Nb,Ta,Ti) oxide minerals in granitic pegmatite from the Evje-Iveland district, southern Norway, Mineralogy and Petrology 110 581-599 (2016) [doi: 10.1007/s00710-016-0436-4]
    3. X. Gu, E. Deloule, L. France, J. Ingrin, Multi-stage metasomatism revealed by trace element and Li isotope distributions in minerals of peridotite xenoliths from Allègre volcano (French Massif Central), Lithos 264 158-174 (2016) [doi: 10.1016/j.lithos.2016.07.019]
  • 2015
    1. J. Liu, Q. K. Xia, E. Deloule, J. Ingrin, H. Chen, M. Feng, Water Content and Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Alkali Basalts from the Taihang Mountains, China: Recycled Oceanic Components in the Mantle Source, Journal of Petrology 56 681-702 (2015) [doi: 10.1093/petrology/egv013]
    2. H. Chen, Q. K. Xia, J. Ingrin, Z. B. Jia, M. Feng, Changing recycled oceanic components in the mantle source of the Shuangliao Cenozoic basalts, NE China: New constraints from water content, Tectonophysics 650 113-123 (2015) [doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2014.07.022]
    3. P. Zhang, J. Ingrin, C. Depecker, Q. Xia, Kinetics of deuteration in andradite and garnet, American Mineralogist 100 1400-1410 (2015) [doi: 10.2138/am-2015-5149]
  • 2014
    1. J. Ingrin, I. Kovacs, E. Deloule, E. Balan, M. Blanchard, S. C. Kohn, J. Hermann, Identification of hydrogen defects linked to boron substitution in synthetic forsterite and natural olivine, American Mineralogist 99 2138-2141 (2014) [doi: 10.2138/am-2014-5049]
    2. C. Crépisson, H. Bureau, M. Blanchard, J. Ingrin, E. Balan, Theoretical infrared spectrum of partially protonated cationic vacancies in forsterite, European Journal of Mineralogy 26 203-210 (2014) [doi: 10.1127/0935-1221/2014/0026-2366]
    3. E. Balan, M. Blanchard, M. Lazzeri, J. Ingrin, Contribution of interstitial OH groups to the incorporation of water in forsterite, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 41 105-114 (2014) [doi: 10.1007/s00269-013-0628-y]
  • 2013
    1. J. Ingrin, J. Liu, C. Depecker, S. C. Kohn, E. Balan, K. J. Grant, Low-temperature evolution of OH bands in synthetic forsterite, implication for the nature of H defects at high pressure, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 40 499-510 (2013) [doi: 10.1007/s00269-013-0587-3]
    2. E. Balan, M. Blanchard, H. Yi, J. Ingrin, Theoretical study of OH-defects in pure enstatite, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 40 41-50 (2013) [doi: 10.1007/s00269-012-0544-6]
  • 2011
    1. E. Balan, J. Ingrin, S. Delattre, I. Kovács, M. Blanchard, Theoretical infrared spectrum of OH-defects in forsterite, European Journal of Mineralogy 23 285-292 (2011) [doi: 10.1127/0935-1221/2011/0023-2090]
  • 2008
    1. E. Balan, K. Refson, M. Blanchard, S. Delattre, M. Lazzeri, J. Ingrin, F. Mauri, K. Wright, B. Winkler, Theoretical infrared absorption coefficient of OH groups in Minerals, American Mineralogist 93 950-954 (2008) [doi: 10.2138/am.2008.2889] *Note
    2. G. Falus, A. Tommasi, J. Ingrin, C. Szabo, Deformation and seismic anisotropy of the lithospheric mantle in the southeastern Carpathians inferred from the study of mantle xenoliths, Earth and Planetary Science Letters 272 50-64 (2008) [doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2008.04.035 ] *Note
  • 2007
    1. G. Desbois, J. Ingrin, N. Kita, J. Valley, E. Deloule, New constraints on metamorphic history of Adirondack’s diopsides (NY, USA) : Al and d18O profiles, American Mineralogist 92 453-459 (2007) [doi: 10.2138/am.2007.2224] *Note
    2. K. Grant, J. Ingrin, J. P. Lorand, P. Dumas, Water partitioning between mantle minerals from peridotite xenoliths, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology 154 15-34 (2007) [doi: 10.1007/s00410-006-0177-1] *Note
    3. A. M. Seydoux-guillaume, R. Wirth, J. Ingrin, Contrasting response of ThSiO4 and monazite to natural irradiation, European Journal of Mineralogy 19 7-14 (2007) [doi: 10.1127/0935-1221/2007/0019-007] *Note
    4. M. Andrut, M. Wildner, J. Ingrin, A. Beran, Mechanisms of OH defect incorporation in naturally occurring, hydrothermally formed diopside and jadeite, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 34 543-549 (2007) [doi: 10.1007/s00269-007-0169-3] *Note
    5. G. Desbois, J. Ingrin, Anisotropy of hydrogen diffusion in tourmaline, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71 5233-5243 (2007) [doi: 10.1016/j.gca.2007.08.027 ] *Note
  • 2006
    1. J. Ingrin, M. Blanchard, Diffusion of Hydrogen in Minerals, Review in Mineralogy & Geochemistry 62 291-320 (2006) [doi: 10.2138/rmg.2006.62.13] *Note
  • 2005
    1. B. Hertweck, J. Ingrin, Hydrogen incorporation in a ringwoodite analogue : Mg2GeO4 spinel, Mineralogical Magazine 69 335-341 (2005) [doi: 10.1180/0026461056930255] *Note
    2. A. Kurka, M. Blanchard, J. Ingrin, Kinetics of hydrogen extraction and deuteration in grossular, Mineralogical Magazine 69 357-369 (2005) [doi: 10.1180/0026461056930257] *Note
  • 2004
    1. M. Blanchard, J. Ingrin, Kinetics of deuteration in pyrope, European Journal of Mineralogy 16 567-576 (2004) [doi: 10.1127/0935-1221/2004/0016-0567] *Note
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