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Lyskawa Joël
Joël Lyskawa
Professor Assistant
Bâtiment C6, Bureau 125
Unité Matériaux et Transformations
Bât. C6
Université Lille1
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq
Fax: +33 (0) 320 43 65 91


Synthesis and characterization of supramolecular polymers. Elaboration of biomaterials for therapeutic applications


Teaching courses at Lille 1 University in organic chemistry, Experimental design and Methods of analysis (License and Master 1 and 2)

Recent communications and seminars

34 oral presentation(s), including 10 invited. 14 poster(s). Detailled list.

Recent publications

  • 2017
    1. Z. Hou, W. Dehaen, J. Lyskawa, P. Woisel, R. Hoogenboom, A supramolecular miktoarm star polymer based on porphyrin metal complexation in water, Chem. Commun. 4 19 (2017) [doi: 10.1039/C7CC03128A]
    2. J. Defebvin, S. Barrau, J. Lyskawa, P. Woisel, J. M. Lefebvre, Influence of nitrodopamine-functionalized barium titanate content on the piezoelectric response of poly(vinylidene fluoride) based polymer-ceramic composites, Composites Science and Technology 147 16-21 (2017) [doi: 10.1016/j.compscitech.2017.05.001]
    3. W. Laure, D. Fournier, P. Woisel, J. Lyskawa, Reversible Tethering of Polymers onto Catechol-Based Titanium Platforms, Langmuir 33 3434–3443 (2017) [doi: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.7b00160]
  • 2016
    1. K. Belal, F. Stoffelbach, J. Lyskawa, M. Fumagalli, D. Hourdet, A. Marcellan, L. D. Smet, L. De smet, V. R. De la rosa, G. Cooke, R. Hoogenboom, P. Woisel, Recognition-Mediated Hydrogel Swelling Controlled by Interaction with a Negative Thermoresponsive LCST Polymer, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 13974–13978 (2016) [doi: 10.1002/anie.201605630]
    2. F. Coumes, A. Malfait, M. Bria, J. Lyskawa, P. Woisel, D. Fournier, Catechol/boronic acid chemistry for the creation of block copolymers with a multi-stimuli responsive junction, Polymer Chemistry 7 4682 - 4692 (2016) [doi: 10.1039/C6PY00738D]
    3. B. Yeniad, K. Ryskulova, D. Fournier, J. Lyskawa, G. Cooke, P. Woisel, R. Hoogenboom, Complexation of thermoresponsive dialkoxynaphthalene end-functionalized poly(oligoethylene glycol acrylate)s with CBPQT4+ in water, Polymer Chemistry 7 3681-3690 (2016) [doi: 10.1039/C6PY00303F]
    4. F. Stoffelbach, P. Woisel, G. Cooke, G. Pembouong, J. Lyskawa, S. Poitras-jolicoeur, K. Belal, A triple carboxylic acid-functionalized RAFT agent platform for the elaboration of well-defined telechelic 3-arm star PDMAc, Chemical Communications 52 1847 - 1850 (2016) [doi: 10.1039/C5CC09684G]
  • 2015
    1. n. Laggoune, F. Delattre, J. Lyskawa, F. Stoffelbach, J. M. Guigner, S. Ruellan, G. Cooke, P. Woisel, Synthesis, binding and self-assembly properties of a well-defined Pillar[5]arene End Functionalised polydimethylacrylamide, Polymer Chemistry 6 7389-7394 (2015) [doi: 10.1039/C5PY01186H]
    2. H. Awada, L. Mezzasalma, S. Blanc, D. Flahaut, C. Dagron-lartigau, J. Lyskawa, P. Woisel, A. Bousquet, L. Billon, Biomimetic Mussel Adhesive Inspired Anchor to Design ZnO@Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) Hybrid Core@Corona Nanoparticles, Macromolecular Rapid Communications 36 1486–1491 (2015) [doi: 10.1002/marc.201500184]
    3. A. Perez anes, M. Gargouri, W. Laure, H. Van den berghe, E. Courcot, J. Sobocinski, N. Tabary, F. Chai, J. F. Blach, A. Addad, P. Woisel, D. Douroumis, B. Martel, N. Blanchemain, J. Lyskawa, Bio-inspired Titanium Drug Eluting Platforms Based on Poly-β-cyclodextrin/chitosan Layer-by- Layer Self Assembly Targeting Infections, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 12882–12893 (2015) [doi: 10.1021/acsami.5b02402]
    4. J. Potier, S. Menuel, J. Lyskawa, D. Fournier, F. Stoffelbach, E. Monflier, P. Woisel, F. Hapiot, Thermoresponsive self-assembled cyclodextrin-end-decorated PNIPAM for aqueous catalysis, Chemical Communications 51 2328-2330 (2015) [doi: 10.1039/C4CC09052G]
  • 2014
    1. M. Arslan, T. N. Gevrek, J. Lyskawa, S. Szunerits, R. Boukherroub, R. Sanyal, P. Woisel, A. Sanyal, Bioinspired Anchorable Thiol-Reactive Polymers: Synthesis and Applications Toward Surface Functionalization of Magnetic Nanoparticles, Macromolecules 47 5124–5134 (2014) [doi: 10.1021/ma500693f]
    2. W. Laure, P. Woisel, J. Lyskawa, Switching the Wettability of Titanium Surfaces through Diels-Alder Chemistry, Chemistry of Materials 26 3771–3780 (2014) [doi: 10.1021/cm501354j]
    3. L. Sambe, V. R. De la rosa, K. Belal, F. Stoffelbach, J. Lyskawa, F. Delattre, M. Bria, G. Cooke, R. Hoogenboom, P. Woisel, Programmable Polymer-Based Supramolecular Temperature Sensor with a Memory Function, Angewandte Chemie 53 5044–5048 (2014) [doi: 10.1002/anie.201402108]
    4. J. Sobocinski, W. Laure, M. Taha, E. Courcot, F. Chai, N. Simon, A. Addad, B. Martel, S. Haulon, P. Woisel, N. Blanchemain, J. Lyskawa, Mussel inspired coating of a biocompatible cyclodextrins based polymer onto CoCr vascular stents, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6 3575–3586 (2014) [doi: 10.1021/am405774v]
    5. L. Sambe, F. Stoffelbach, K. Poltorak, J. Lyskawa, A. Malfait, M. Bria, G. Cooke, P. Woisel, Elaboration of Thermoresponsive Supramolecular Diblock Copolymers in Water from Complementary CBPQT4+and TTF End-Functionalized Polymers, Macromolecular Rapid Communications 35 498-504 (2014) [doi: 10.1002/marc.201300729]
    6. J. Spadavecchia, R. Perumal, A. Barras, J. Lyskawa, P. Woisel, W. Laure, C. M. Pradier, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits, Amplified plasmonic detection of DNA hybridization using doxorubicin-capped gold particles, The Analyst 139 157-164 (HOT ARTICLE) (2014) [doi: 10.1039/c3an01794j]
    7. L. Sambe, k. Belal, F. Stoffelbach, J. Lyskawa, F. Delattre, M. Bria, F. X. Sauvage, M. Sliwa, V. Homblot, B. Charleux, G. Cooke, P. Woisel, Multi-stimuli responsive supramolecular diblock copolymers, Polymer Chemistry 5 1031-1036 (2014) [doi: 10.1039/c3py01093g]
  • 2013
    1. I. Kaminska, W. Qi, A. Barras, J. Sobczak, J. Niedziolka-jonsson, P. Woisel, J. Lyskawa, W. Laure, M. Opallo, M. Li, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits, Thiol-Yne Click Reactions on Alkynyl-Dopamine-Modified Reduced Graphene Oxide, Chemistry - A European Journal 19 8673–8678 (2013) [doi: 10.1002/chem.201300225]
    2. J. Spadavecchia, A. Barras, J. Lyskawa, P. Woisel, W. Laure, C. M. Pradier, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits, Approach for Plasmonic Based DNA Sensing: Amplification of the Wavelength Shift and Simultaneous Detection of the Plasmon Modes of Gold Nanostructures, Analytical Chemistry 85 3288–3296 (2013) [doi: 10.1021/ac3036316]
    3. M. Mazur, A. Barras, V. Kuncser, A. Galatanu, V. Zaitzev, K. V. Turcheniuk, P. Woisel, J. Lyskawa, W. Laure, A. Siriwardena, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits, Iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles with versatile surface functions based on dopamine anchors, Nanoscale 5 2692-2702 + cover picture (2013) [doi: 10.1039/c3nr33506b]
    4. A. Martin, N. Tabary, L. Leclercq, J. Junthip, S. Degoutin, F. Aubert-viard, F. Cazaux, J. Lyskawa, L. Janus, M. Bria, B. Martel, Multilayered textile coating based on a β-cyclodextrin polyelectrolyte for the controlled release of drugs, Carbohydrate Polymers 93 718-730 (2013) [doi: 10.1016/j.carbpol.2012.12.055]
    5. E. Faure, C. Falentin-daudré, C. Jérôme, J. Lyskawa, D. Fournier, P. Woisel, C. Detrembleur, Catechols as versatile platforms in polymer chemistry, Progress in Polymer Science 38 236-270 (2013) [doi: 10.1016/j.progpolymsci.2012.06.004]
  • 2012
    1. I. Kaminska, A. Barras, Y. Coffinier, W. Lisowski, J. Niedziółka-jönsson, P. Woisel, J. Lyskawa, M. Opallo, A. Siriwardena, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits, Preparation of a responsive carbohydrate-coated biointerface based on graphene/azido-terminated tetrathiafulvalene nanohybird material, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 5386–5393 (2012) [doi: 10.1021/am3013196]
    2. P. E. Danjou, J. Lyskawa, F. Delattre, M. Becuwe, P. Woisel, S. Ruellan, S. Fourmentin, F. Cazier-dennin, New fluorescent and electropolymerisable N-azacrown carbazole as a selective probe for iron (III) in aqueous media, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 171-172 1022–1028 (2012) [doi: 10.1016/j.snb.2012.06.027]
    3. A. Laquièvre, N. S. Allaway, J. Lyskawa, P. Woisel, J. M. Lefebvre, D. Fournier, Highly Efficient Ring-Opening Reaction of Azlactone-Based Copolymer Platforms for the Design of Functionalized Materials, Macromolecular Rapid Communications 33 848-855 (2012) [doi: 10.1002/marc.201200063]
    4. I. Kaminska, M. R. Das, Y. Coffinier, J. Niedziolka-jonsson, J. Sobczak, P. Woisel, J. Lyskawa, M. Opallo, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits, Reduction and Functionalization of Graphene Oxide Sheets Using Biomimetic Dopamine Derivatives in One Step, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 1016-1020 (2012) [doi: 10.1021/am201664n]
  • 2011
    1. A. Barras, J. Lyskawa, S. Szunerits, P. Woisel, R. Boukherroub, Direct Functionalization of Nanodiamond Particles Using Dopamine Derivatives, Langmuir 27 12451–12457 (2011) [doi: 10.1021/la202571d]
    2. L. Sambe, F. Stoffelbach, J. Lyskawa, F. Delattre, D. Fournier, L. Bouteiller, B. Charleux, G. Cooke, P. Woisel, Host-Guest Modulation of the Micellization of a Tetrathiafulvalene-Functionalized Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide), Macromolecules 44 6532–6538 (2011) [doi: 10.1021/ma2009854]
    3. C. Zobrist, J. Sobocinski, J. Lyskawa, D. Fournier, V. Miri, M. Traisnel, M. Jimenez, P. Woisel, Functionalization of Titanium Surfaces with Polymer Brushes Prepared from a Biomimetic RAFT Agent, Macromolecules 44 5883–5892 (2011) [doi: 10.1021/ma200853w]
    4. J. Louisy, F. Delattre, J. Lyskawa, A. Malfait, C. E. Maclean, L. Sambe, N. Zhu, G. Cooke, P. Woisel, Surfactant-mediated control of CBPQT4+ dialkoxynaphthalene complexation., Chemical Communications 47 6819-6821 (2011) [doi: 10.1039/C1CC10571J]
    5. L. Marcon, Z. Kherrouche, J. Lyskawa, D. Fournier, D. Tulasne, P. Woisel, R. Boukherroub, Preparation and characterization of Zonyl-coated nanodiamonds with antifouling properties, Chemical Communications 47 5178 - 5180 (2011) [doi: 10.1039/c1cc10338e]
    6. F. Barka-bouaifel, J. Niedziółka-jönsson, X. Castel, O. Saison, A. Akjouj, Y. Pennec, B. Djafari-rouhani, P. Woisel, J. Lyskawa, L. Sambe, G. Cooke, N. Bezzi, R. Boukherroub, S. Szunerits, Optical and electrochemical properties of tunable host–guest complexes linked to plasmonic interfaces, Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 3006-3013 (2011) [doi: 10.1039/c0jm03293j]
  • 2010
    1. J. Lyskawa, D. Canevet, M. Allain, M. Sallé, An electron-rich three dimensional receptor based on a calixarene-tetrathiafulvalene assembly, Tetrahedron Letters 51 5868–5872 (2010) [doi: 10.1016/j.tetlet.2010.08.112]
    2. M. A. Watson, J. Lyskawa, C. Zobrist, D. Fournier, M. Jimenez, M. Traisnel, L. Gengembre, P. Woisel, A “Clickable” Titanium Surface Platform, Langmuir 26 15920–15924 (2010) [doi: 10.1021/la102688m]
    3. J. Bigot, B. Charleux, G. Cooke, F. Delattre, D. Fournier, J. Lyskawa, L. Sambe, F. Stoffelbach, P. Woisel, Tetrathiafulvalene End-Functionalized Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide): A New Class of Amphiphilic Polymer for the Creation of Multistimuli Responsive Micelles, Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 10796–10801 (2010) [doi: 10.1021/ja1027452]
    4. J. Bigot, D. Fournier, J. Lyskawa, T. Marmin, F. Cazaux, G. Cooke, P. Woisel, Synthesis of thermoresponsive phenyl- and naphthyl-terminated poly(NIPAM) derivatives using RAFT and their complexation with cyclobis(paraquat-p-phenylene) derivatives in water, Polymer Chemistry 1 1024-1029 (2010) [doi: 10.1039/c0py00085j]
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  • 2009
    1. M. Bria, J. Bigot, G. Cooke, J. Lyskawa, G. Rabani, V. Rotello, P. Woisel, Synthesis of a polypseudorotaxane, polyrotaxane, and polycatenane using “click chemistry", Tetrahedron 65 400-407 (2009) [doi: 10.1016/j.tet.2008.10.005]
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  • 2007
    1. P. Viel, L. Dubois, J. Lyskawa, M. Salle, S. Palacin, New concept to remove heavy metals from liquid waste based on electrochemical pH-switchable immobilized ligands, Surface Science 254 1543-1543 (2007) [doi: 10.1016/j.apsusc.2007.11.017]
  • 2006
    1. J. Lyskawa, M. Oçafrain, G. Trippé, F. Le derf, M. Sallé, P. Viel, S. Palacin, Immobilization and recognition properties of tetrathiafulvalene-based podands with one or two thiol functional groups, Tetrahedron 62 4419-4425 (2006) [doi: 10.1016/j.tet.2006.02.054]
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  • 2004
    1. F. Hapiot, J. Lyskawa, H. Bricout, S. Tilloy, E. Monflier, Cyclodextrins or calixarenes: What is the best mass transfer promoter for Suzuki cross-coupling reactions in water ?, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 346 83-89 (2004) [doi: 10.1002/adsc.200303149]
    2. G. Trippé, F. Le derf, J. Lyskawa, M. Mazari, J. Roncali, A. Gorgues, E. Levillain, M. Sallé, Crown-tetrathiafulvalenes attached to a pyrrole or an EDOT unit : synthesis, electropolymerisation and recognition properties, Chemistry - A European Journal 10 6497-6509 (2004) [doi: 10.1002/chem.200400303]
    3. J. Lyskawa, F. Le derf, E. Levillain, M. Mazari, M. Sallé, L. Dubois, P. Viel, C. Bureau, S. Palacin, Univocal Demonstration of the Electrochemically-Mediated Binding of Pb2+ by a Modified Surface Incorporating a TTF-based Redox-Switchable Ligand., Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 12194-12195 (2004) [doi: 10.1021/ja047411q]
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