RheoMan: a five-year, ERC-funded (Advanced Grant), project to model the rheology of the Earth's mantle

Aug 15, 2018 IMA Business General

Patrick Cordier becomes the 18th president of the International Mineralogical Association (IMA)

Executive Committee :

President : Patrick Cordier (France)

1st Vice-President : Anhuai Lu* (China)

2nd Vice-President : Razvan Caracas* (France)

Past-President : Peter C. Burns (USA)

Secretary : Hans-Peter Schertl* (Germany)

Treasurer : TBD

Communication Officer : Anton R. Chakhmouradian* (Canada)


Jane A. Gilotti (USA)

Catherine McCammon (Germany)

Marco Pasero* (Italy)

Sergey Smirnov* (Russia)

Mark Welch (UK)


*Elected or re-elected at the Melbourne meeting