RheoMan: a five-year, ERC-funded (Advanced Grant), project to model the rheology of the Earth's mantle

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Rheoman - From the atoms to the mantleFrom the atoms to the mantle...


 The European Research Council (ERC) was established by the European Commission and funded through the EU 7th Research Framework Programme




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Sep 24, 2017 - HPMPS-9 General

Philippe Carrez will be at the 9th High Pressure Mineral Physics Seminar (HPMPS-9) which is held in Saint Malo, France, from September 24 to 28, 2017.




Sep 14, 2017 - Hardening mechanisms in olivine Results

In a paper which just appeared on line in Philosophical Magazine, Alexandre Mussi and co-workers present a new application of electron tomography of dislocations to olivine in order to clarify the complex microstructures and the source of hardening in single crystals deformed slightly above 1000°C.


Sep 5, 2017 - Deep Volatile Meeting General

The Deep Volatile meeting,  is supported by a NERC research programme: Volatiles, Geodynamics & Solid Earth Controls on the Habitable Planet.



After Oxford in 2015, it  takes place this year in Tenerife, Spain from 05th to 10th September


Jul 29, 2017 - Summer break General