Jun 6, 2017 - Dislocation modeling in olivine Results

Srinivasan Mahendran publishes his first paper on atomistic modelling of dislocations in olivine (Mg2SiO4)


May 25, 2017 - Continuous description of grain boundaries using crystal defect fields Results

European Journal of Mineralogy publishes a new article on continuum dislocation/generalized-disclination modelling of a MgO 310/[001] tilt boundary from X. Sun et al.


Mar 10, 2017 - Climb in the mantle Results

In a paper just isued in Science Advances, we propose a new creep mechanism which accounts for the flow of bridgmanite in the lower mantle


Mar 2, 2017 - Modeling MgO plasticity Results

For the first time, the mechanical properties of MgO can be derived from numerical modeling in the whole temperature range (from low temperature plasticity to High temperature creep) without any adjustable parameter