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Unité Matériaux et Transformations
CNRS UMR 8207 - Université de Lille

PIHM - Equipe INRA

Interface Processes and Hygiene of Materials - PhD Thesis


Presently, there are 7 PhD candidates in the group. Since 2013, 3 PhD theses were defended.

Current PhD thesis
 StartPhD Advisors
1Ahmad ALSAABI2017Thierry Bénezech
2Tatiana LOPES FIALHO2017Guillaume Delaplace, Paolo PERES DE SA PEIXOTO, FERNANDES DE CARVALHO Antonio
3Marcio Henrique NOGUEIRA2017Guillaume Delaplace, Paolo PERES DE SA PEIXOTO, KAROUI Romdhane
4Bowei CHEN2016Guillaume Delaplace, Pascal Debreyne
5Mustapha NAJIB2015Nour-Eddine Chihib
Investigation on Kishta proces
6Alexandre BERTH2015Guillaume Delaplace, DHULSTER Pascal, LECOUTURIER Didier
7Laurent Bouvier2015Guillaume Delaplace, Lalot Sylvain
Defended PhD thesis
 EndPhD Advisors
1Sarah Nasser2017Guillaume Delaplace, Alain HEDOUX
Evolution of the structural and functional properties of micellar casein powders in relation to initial state and aging conditions
2Marwa Khaldi2016Guillaume Delaplace, Jeantet Romain
Relationship between milk derivatives' physical chemistry and their ability to foul during thermomechanical treatments in heat exchanger (full card)
3Nicolas Collier2014Guillaume Delaplace, Nongaillard Bertrand
Adhesion measurement of phantom media on solid surfaces using a shear waves ultrasonic approach. Application to adhesion measurement of whey protein fouling (full card)
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