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Unité Matériaux et Transformations
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UMET - Earth and Planetary Materials

Earth and Planetary Materials - PhD Thesis


Presently, there are 7 PhD candidates in the group. Since 2016, 9 PhD theses were defended.

Current PhD thesis
 StartPhD Advisors
1Sylvain LAFORET2021Hugues LEROUX
Caractérisation quantitative de matériaux primitifs du système solaire par microscope STEM équipée de caméra à détection directe d'électrons
2Bahae Eddine MOULOUD2020Damien JACOB
Nanoanalyse structurale d'astromatériaux par 4D-STEM
3Daniel HALLATT2020Hugues LEROUX
Thermal and Shock behaviour of phyllosilicates, application to the Ryugu Asteroid
4Maxime MORGANO2019Corentin LE GUILLOU, Hugues LEROUX
Eau des chondrites : approche expérimentale de l'intéraction eau-silicates
5Jeffrey GAY2018Sébastien MERKEL
Microstructures induced by phase transformations at the 650km discontinuity
6Tommaso MANDOLINI2018Nadège HILAIRET, Sébastien MERKEL
Deformation of suduction zone rocks under high pressures
7Konstantinos THOMAIDIS2018Jannick INGRIN, Pierre HIREL
Do mantle xenoliths preserved water signature from the lithospheric mantle and how ? An experimental et numerical approach
Defended PhD thesis
 EndPhD Advisors
1Estelle LEDOUX2021Sébastien MERKEL, Damien JACOB
Transformation microstructures in olivine
2Pierre-Marie ZANETTA2019Hugues LEROUX, Brigitte Zanda, Corentin LE GUILLOU
Study of the accretion of the firsts solids of our solar system using advanced electron microscopy (full card)
3Yvan Georges Ngassa Tankeu2018Damien JACOB
Structural analysis of mineralogical oxydes at the nanometric scale using quantitative electron diffraction
4Baptiste Stephan2018Damien JACOB, Delabrouille Frédéric
A kinetic and microstructural study of order-disorder transformation in Ni2Cr alloys with low iron content (full card)
5Christopher Langrand2017Sébastien MERKEL, Nadège HILAIRET
Experimental Study of Perovskite / Post-Perovskite Phase Transformation Mechanism and its Kinetics in the Earth Mantle (full card)
6Sarah Incel2017Nadège HILAIRET, Schubnel Alexandre
Experimental constrains on rheology during metamorphic reactions (thèse ENS Paris) (full card)
7Huan Chen2017Jannick INGRIN, XIA Qunke
The role of the Pacific subduction in the genesis of Cenozoic basalts in eastern China: New constrains from water content and oxygen isotope composition (full card)
8Thomas Ferrand2017Schubnel Alexandre, Nadège HILAIRET
Reproduction of experimental analogues of intermediate depth earthquakes through antigorite dehydration and comparison to natural pseudotachylites (thèse ENS Paris)
9Xiaoyan Gu2016Jannick INGRIN, Etienne Deloule
Melt-rock interaction signatures in peridotite from sub-continental mantle (French Massif Central) : A trace element, H, Li and δ7Li approach (thèse de l'université de Lorraine)
10Guillaume Bellino2015Hugues LEROUX
Analytical transmission electron microscopy study of unmelted and partially melted chondrules in primitive ordinary chondrites (full card)
11Peipei Zhang2015Jannick INGRIN, Qun-Ke Xia
Hydrogen diffusion in NAMs : andradite garnet and zircon (full card)
12Boris Laurent2014Hugues LEROUX, Mathieu Roskosz
Hydrogen fractionation induced by ionizing irradiation of protoplanetary dust analogs (full card)
13Priscille Cuvillier2014Hugues LEROUX, Damien JACOB
Quantitative analysis of diffusion phenomena in meteorite samples. Transmission electron microscopy study. (full card)
14Eric Vigouroux2014Jannick INGRIN
Hydrogen diffusivity in wadsleyite : estimation of the water content in the transition zone of the earth's mantle (full card)
15Ainhoa Lincot2013Philippe Cardin, Sébastien MERKEL
Direct models of seismic anisotropie in the Earth inner core and study of textures induced by the α-ε transition in iron (full card)
16Caroline Bollinger2013Sébastien MERKEL
Rheology of polycrystalline olivine under upper mantle conditions: an in-situ study in the D-DIA (full card)
17Carole Nisr2011Sébastien MERKEL, Patrick CORDIER
In-situ characterization of dislocations in minerals under high pressure (full card)
18Jessy Gillot2010Hugues LEROUX, Mathieu Roskosz
Synthesis and crystallization of porous amorphous silicates in the MgO-CaO-SiO2 ternary: application the amorphous-crystal transition in accretion disks (full card)
19Julien Stodolna2010Hugues LEROUX, Damien JACOB
Transmission electron microscopy study of cometary samples from the Startdust mission (full card)
20Elodie Amiguet2009Paul RATERRON, Patrick CORDIER
Experimental deformation of diopside in the pressure and temperature conditions of the upper mantle (full card)
21Carinne Davoisne2006Hugues LEROUX
Evolution des silicates dans les milieux interstellaires, circumstellaires et cométaires : le rôle de l’irradiation et de la température
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