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UMET - Métallurgie Physique et Génie des Matériaux

Métallurgie Physique et Génie des Matériaux - PhD Thesis


Presently, there are 20 PhD candidates in the group. Since 2013, 18 PhD theses were defended.

Current PhD thesis
 StartPhD Advisors
1Yannick Yimi WANG2018Charlotte BECQUART, SOISSON Frédéric
2Clovis LAPOINTE2018Charlotte BECQUART
3Yannick Yimi WANG2018Charlotte BECQUART
4Céline PARE2018Charlotte BECQUART
5Mourtada Aly SOW2018Catherine CORDIER, Franck Béclin, Matthieu TOUZIN
6Min JIN2018Rémy BESSON, Ludovic THUINET, Gang JI
7Mahira Adna COTA ARAUJO2018Jean-Bernard VOGT, Jérémie BOUQUEREL
8Run XU2017Gang JI, LI Zhiqiang
On the study of strengthening mechanisms of the bioinspired MWCNT/Al nanocomposites
9Tomasz STASIAK2017Catherine CORDIER, Franck Béclin, Matthieu TOUZIN
10Isadora COSTA2017Jean-Bernard VOGT, Jérémie BOUQUEREL
Relations between the magnetic properties ans the microstructure of wires after thermal and mechanical treatments
11Julie GODON2016Jean-Bernard VOGT, Jérémie BOUQUEREL
Influence of steel cleanliness on the processability during wet wire drawing process of hyper entectoid steel for ultra high tensite strength
12Xinliang XIE2016LIAO Hanlin, Gang JI
13Gabriel Franck BOUOBDA MOLADJE2016Alexandre LEGRIS, Charlotte BECQUART
14Yu MA2016Gang JI, Vincent JI
Microstructure and interfacial Characterization of TiB2/Al nanocomposites with unusual tensile ductility
15SHEN Zhengyan2016Gang JI, Silvain Jean François
Fabrication, using semi-liquid continuous process, and characterization of composite metal matrix materials using graphite flakes as reinforcement and metallic (Al and Cu) flakes as matrix
16Adrien VAUGOUDE2016Alexandre LEGRIS
17Amal ISSAOUNI2016Alexandre LEGRIS
18Romain CANDELA2015Charlotte BECQUART
19Devadas BHAT PANEMANGALORE2015Rajashekhara SHABADI, Gang JI
Engineered surfaces based on magnesium alloys and composites
20Kaoutar NAJI2015Marie-Noëlle Avettand-Fénoël
Defended PhD thesis
 EndPhD Advisors
1Benjamin CHRISTIAEN2018Alexandre LEGRIS
2Jérôme Dequeker2018Alexandre LEGRIS, Rémy BESSON, Ludovic THUINET
Using electronic structure calculations for a controlled elaboration of third generation steels with duplexe structure for car industry
3Gulzar Seidametova2017Jean-Bernard VOGT, Ingrid PRORIOL SERRE
Formation of extrusion-Intrusion in a martensitique steel studied by advanced microscopies (full card)
4Monica Chiapetto2017Charlotte BECQUART, MALERBA Lorenzo
Computer simulation of the nanostructural evolution under irradiation in ferritic alloys (full card)
5Carla Raquel Carlé Garcia2017Jean-Bernard VOGT, Ingrid PRORIOL SERRE
Low cyclic fatigue of martensitic T91 steel in presence of presence of liquid lead-bismuth eutectic and dissolved oxygen influence (full card)
6Baptiste Pannier2017Charlotte BECQUART, Domain Christophe
Towards the prediction of microstructure evolution under irradiation of model ferritic alloys with an hybrid AKMC-OKMC approach (full card)
7Marc-Antoine Louchez2017Rémy BESSON, Ludovic THUINET
Phase-fied and atomic modelling of heterophase interfaces : application to in zirconium (full card)
8Maxime Delbove 2017Jean-Bernard VOGT
Fatigue and corrosion of copper alloys for Railwail applications (full card)
9Baptiste Rouxel2016Alexandre LEGRIS, Decarlan Yves
Development of advanced austenitic stainless steels resistant to void swelling under irradiation (full card)
10Léo Li Zaïdo2016David BALLOY, N. Limodin (LML), P. Quaegebeur (LML)
Influence of the microstructure on mechanical properties and damage mechanisms in Al-Si-Cu alloys by using 2D and 3D in-situ analysis (full card)
11Hassine Kacem2016Jean-Bernard VOGT, Hariri Saïd
Influence of cyclic loading on the mechanical properties of 9% nickel and 316L steels under cryogenic conditions (full card)
12Claire Schayes2016Jérémie BOUQUEREL, Jean-Bernard VOGT
Low cycle fatigue of the Fe-3Si steel: damage mechanisms and strain localisation by EBSD (full card)
13François Housaer2015Alexandre LEGRIS, Franck Béclin
Synthesis and characterization of Aluminum/Carbon nanotubes composites produced by powder metallurgy routes (full card)
14Hadrien Rouchette2015Alexandre LEGRIS, Ludovic THUINET
Sink efficiency calculation of dislocations in irradiated materials by phase-field modelling (full card)
15Changqing Ye2014Jean-Bernard VOGT, Ingrid PRORIOL SERRE
Embrittlement of martensitic steel T91 by liquid lead-bismuth eutectic (full card)
16Jaeyoung Kwon2013Rémy BESSON, Marie-Noëlle Avettand-Fénoël, Ludovic THUINET
The origin and nature of metastable intermetallic compounds produced by thermo-mechanical joining processes of metals : mechanical alloying in Al-Cu system (full card)
17Abderrazak Daoud2013Jean-Bernard VOGT, Charkaluk Eric
High temperature fatigue of Cu-Al2O3 alloys used for crotch absorber (full card)
18Jean-Baptiste Piochaud2013Charlotte BECQUART
Modelling of radiation induced segregation in austenitic Fe alloys at the atomistic level (full card)
19Ouadie Hamdane2012Jean-Bernard VOGT, Ingrid PRORIOL SERRE
Mechanical behavior and fracture characterization of the T91 martensitic steel in liquid sodium environment (full card)
20Adrian Anghelus2012Roland Taillard, Marie-Noëlle Avettand-Fénoël, Catherine CORDIER
Elaboration of multilayers by controlled accumulative roll bonding (full card)
21Floriane Léaux2012Jean-Bernard VOGT
Relationship between microstructure and fatigue of a ferritic steel employed in automotive industry : development of damage criteria (full card)
22Davide Costa2012Charlotte BECQUART, Alexandre LEGRIS
Modelling the thermal ageing evolution of Fe-Cr alloys using a lattice kinetic Monte Carlo approach based on DFT calculations (full card)
23Hélène Bultel2011Jean-Bernard VOGT
Fatigue damage of a steel-nickel bimaterial (full card)
24Petrica Gasca2010Alexandre LEGRIS
Zirconium - ab initio modelling of point defects diffusion (full card)
25Laurent Holliger2010Rémy BESSON
Atomic-scale modelling of phase transitions in the H-Zr system (full card)
26Salazar Daniel2008Jean-Bernard VOGT, Ingrid PRORIOL SERRE
Partition of cyclic plasticity in a duplex stainless steel investigated by atomic force microscopy
27Zoller Carine2007Franck Béclin, Jacques Crampon
Caractérisation de préformes élaborées par voie sol-gel en vue de réaliser des fibres dopées par des nanoparticules semi-conductrices
28Nicolas Nuns2005Franck Béclin, Jacques Crampon
Caractérisation de la charge d'espace aux joints de grains du spinelle MgAI2O4 : influence possible sur la superplasticité
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